Servitude – How To Get Started

There are a ton of ways available to serve.  The easiest way to serve God takes place through expressing the love of God in very practical ways. Hopefully this little post will help you figure out how to get started serving.

  • Start Somewhere-One of the biggest steps you can take in serving is to simply get past all the initial concerns and fears you have and start serving somewhere.
  • Discover Your Talents-As you serve, you’ll notice specific talents that God has equipped you with.
  • Serve at Church– Every church rely’s on it’s members to be the body of Christ. With every body, the eyes have to see and the ears have to hear and the hands have to lift or whatever other function they are serving. There is a place for everyone to serve somewhere and somehow at any and every church.
  • Opportunites are everywhere– So many times opportunities are missed because we simply are not looking for them.
  • The Greatest Need– Jesus is their greatest need. Eventhough you may meet a practical need for someone, always remember the greatest need.

So your not ready to just jump in head first, start simple then. Start in your own church. Ask your pastor what can I do? But be ready when you do, they always have a list and remember it might not be exactly what you feel comfortable with doing but isn’t it time to get out of that comfort zone a little. The following is a list (albeit not a complete list as there are multiple ways to serve both inside and outside the church) to give you some ideas for serving that comes from the church my family and I attend. This might give you some other ideas as to what other churches maybe needing just the same:

  • Hospitality Greeter-Greet everyone with a smile and helpful attitude. Identify and welcome visitors and help direct them to the appropriate areas.
  • Children’s Ministry Teacher– Review and prepare lesson to teach and prepare crafts. You will have a helper to assist you. * No experience necessary, just a willing heart. Training provided.
  • Children’s Ministry Helper– Assist the teacher during class. *No experience necessary, just a willing heart. Training provided.
  • Nursery– Adult Rockers, rock and comfort babies while parents are in service.
  • Information Table– Provide visitors and members with information on current events and sign-ups, etc.
  • Events Teams– Help with miscellaneous events such as Christmas events, fellowships, outreach, HUGS, and the Parade. If you can decorate, cook, sew, clean, enjoy crafts and painting, or don’t mind setting up and can help carry items needed during events, your help is always welcome.
  • Prayer Ministry– If you have a passion for prayer, this is the right place for you to serve.
  • Computer Operator– The person responsible for assisting Sunday service by running the computer to support and enhance the Message.

This is by far not a complete list and please remember there’s always an opportunity to serve somewhere, the question is if you are willing and ready to receive.

Forever Under Construction,


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